The Asian Directories and Chronicles Digital Resource (ADC) is a long-term support output of the EIB research infrastructure. It represents 79 annual volumes of British publications from 1863 to 1941, and was assembled between 2015 and 2018.

ADC includes high-resolution digital impressions of the complete books - averaging more than 2000 pages per volume - with full OCR. Extraction of accurate person and organization entities already addresses major sections of the Directories such as Foreign Residents listings, and these will increasingly be made available to the research community.

An unrestricted sample is available here in an Invenio-3 repository generated automatically from the research infrastructure - just click the search icon above to get started. The Directories and Chronicles volumes are presented in full using IIIF via the Mirador viewer (click 'view') and instances of persons having diplomatic roles extracted from the Foreign Residents listings can be searched by 'location', 'nation', 'occupation' and 'organization' by clicking 'Person Instances'. If you are a member of the research community and would like broader access to ADC please contact Cornelia Knab at EIB. Interfaces for data harvesting and library access, such as OAIS, will be added using Invenio modules in the near future.